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Our main sites:

[link] Well House Consultants - niche IT training, Open Source programming languages
   - Public course diary
   - Private course details
   - Daily update (blog)
   - Resources, indexed by technical topic
   - Contact page
[link] Well House Manor - our hotel in Melksham, Wiltshire, UK
   - Our hotel rooms - "Making business a pleasure"
   - BOOK a hotel room
   - Our Cafe - Cream Teas, Bean to cup coffee and more
   - The Well House Collection - a Museum for Melksham

Technical and other resources for delegates and others:

[link] - PHP resources
[link] - Python resources
[link] - Lua resources
[link] - Ruby resources
[link] - Tcl/Tk and Expect resources
[link] - Perl resources
[link] - Linux, Apache httpd and Apache Tomcat resources
[link] - MySQL and SQLite resources
[link] - HTML and CSS resources
[link] - C resources
[link] - C++ resources
[link] - Java resources

[link] - General Technical Topics
[link] - Nontechnical training resources
[link] - Well House Manor resources

Other resources you may be looking for:

[link] - Personal site - Graham Ellis
[link] - Melksham Chamber of Commerce and Industry
[link] - TransWilts Community Rail Partnership

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